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Welcome to our website, we are located in Southern Idaho in the city of Twin Falls. We are a non-profit team that is out to help others for no charge. We do paranormal research and investigations to help people out and to gain more knowledge about the paranormal and to give people information about the paranormal. We do investigations and research for our community and other communities on and in homes, businesses, and anywhere else that may have paranormal activity. We hope that our website can help you better understand hauntings and the paranormal, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, you can reach us through the Contact Us page. Also check out some EVP's Here.

This picture was taken at an investigation in Twin falls, Idaho.   



In this video of our investigation on 1/10/2014, we caught a few anomalies




Christmas- December 25th

New Years- January 1st



Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!




EVP of the Month (December):

EVP saying: "I Like'em" (You may need head phones to hear this completely, and if you do not have head phones, you may need to turn the volume all the way up)




In this picture was taken at the Stricker Ranch Investigation in Oct. 2012.



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